Local Shooting Categories

Local Shooting Categories


In addition to the categories recognized by SASS, the Oak Ridge Outlaws include some extra age-based categories: Senior Classic Cowboy, Senior Frontier Cartridge, Senior Frontier Cartridge Duelist and Silver Senior Duelist.

We also allow several specialty categories in our matches: Double Duelist, Outlaw and Josey Wales. The rules for these categories are:

Double Duelist:

One revolver must be shot with the left hand and the other must be shot with the right hand.  All other SASS rules for the Duelist category apply.



Pistols and shotguns are shot from between the hip area (as the lowest point) to chest high (as the highest point).

Elbows must be bent when shooting the pistols there is no sighting down the barrel.

Rifle may be aimed and shot from shoulder.

You can shoot Outlaw as either a dualist or a gunfighter or both depending on the stage layout.

All other SASS rules apply.  For more information, see the website Outlawshooters.com


Josey Wales:

In place of the rifle, two additional revolvers are used. All revolvers are loaded with 5 rounds each per SASS rules. When the rounds required for the rifle targets is less than 10, the remaining rounds will be shot safely into the berm. Do not shoot at targets, target stands or props.

The revolvers being used in place of the rifle will be staged in the same manner as the rifle per stage instructions. The revolvers may be carried in a 4 holster rig to and from the firing line. Shooters may not draw revolvers from holsters to shoot the rifle targets.

If a shooter does not have a holster for each extra revolver, the extra revolvers will be carried with the muzzles up at least head high to the staging area for the rifle so as to not sweep anyone. The RO or other posse member may assist in carrying the shotgun to be staged.

The revolvers are shot duelist or gunfighter style only. No two handed shooting.

In the event that a stage description calls for loading rounds in the rifle on the clock; the Jose Wales Shooter must comply with the stage requirement to load, on the clock, as many rounds as the stage description requires. Engaging any targets as required and discharging all excess rounds into the berm safely, satisfying the “load on the clock” stage requirement. Engaging the rifle targets with rounds already in the revolver prior to loading on the clock is not a procedural.

The shotgun targets are not to be shot with a revolver unless otherwise directed by stage instructions.

All other SASS Rules Apply.