Our Club

New Shooters and visitors are always welcome!

We are a very friendly group of folks and we love to introduce new people to our shooting sport. Come out and watch a match! Remember that eye and ear protection is required…so bring your ear plugs and safety glasses.


The Oak Ridge Outlaws are an authorized and fully affiliated sub-club of the Oak Ridge Sportsmen’s Association.


Our club follows all the rules of the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) except that we allow one reshoot per match for a gun/ammo malfunction and shooting a round over the berm is a match disqualification.


In addition the the SASS categories, we recognize several local categories: Outlaw, Double Duelist and Josey Wales. (click here for the rules of these categories.)


Before you participate in your first cowboy match, we recommend that you attend a New Shooter Orientation (if you can) so that you will be familiar with our procedures. Go to the Contacts page to request an orientation or join our Forum and introduce yourself.